Sometimes you photograph a wedding and every little detail makes you swoon. This was one of those weddings.

Aleksandra wore an amazing dress designed by Galleria Couture and Jimmy Choo heels. Rebecca Grace not only made stunning bouquets but also created a floral installation while hung above and framed the bridal table. Each centrepiece was unique and reflected the natural beauty of the Australian bush with clusters of green and white foliage and wood pieces. The toasts were a nod to Aleksandra’s Polish heritage with vodka shots flowing freely, creating a real party atmosphere. Instead of a classic bridal waltz, Shannon and Aleksandra’s first dance was a dramatic, sexy Tango. After seeing Aleskandra’s relatives carve up the dance floor, it was pretty evident where she got her moves from. Check out the way her dad moved, whipped and dipped everyone!

Dress: Galleria Couture
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaids Dresses: One Fell Swoop
Flowers: Rebecca Grace, Natural Art
Cars: Regal Limousines
Make-up: Hendra Widjadi 
Hair: Kelly Scafidi
Cars: Regal Limousines

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